Death of the Afrikan

Perhaps what we need is a rebirth of Africa

Perhaps what we need is a rebirth of Africa

I am disgusted when an Afrikan man tells me that women are weak and are subservient to men.

Disgusted because, in spite of his education, it displays his ignorance of the history of his people.

He does not know that Afrikan Queens led warriors to fight the Europeans and the Arabs at their onset.

When men did not know how.

I am disgusted by an Afrikan woman who foolishly believes Eurocentric patriarchal cultures & beliefs to be our own & vehemently champions them.

Beliefs that demand her subservience,

When it is we who are the gate keepers of humanity & the creators of life.

I am disgusted by the Afrikan who, when they see me pray, ask me to whom I pray if I am not a Christian.

Who did we pray to before the boats & horses arrived with their monotheistic Abrahamic religions?

Did we not know God?

Or is the idea of a non European version of God so terrible?

Afrika is the cradle of human kind & yet to most of us Afrikan sovereignty is deeply entrenched in capitalism & hatred.

Regularly administered by the unholy trinity –

Greedy politicians, self serving religious leaders & the propagating media.

I have little desire to fight for the emancipation of the Afrikan man right now,

Because in spite of his emancipation the enslavement of the Afrikan woman,

Of herself and by herself,

Rages on.

In fact,

It worsens.

As the man grows stronger,

The tighter his grip around her throat becomes,

& the tighter she binds herself in obedient restraint.

The “education” of our people,

A miseducation through misprescription,

Has made them more ignorant.

It has weakened them even more.

We relinquish the power inherent in us

For a power inherent in others,

As we feel it will make us better,

But it doesn’t.

The chains of bondage pull tighter around us.

They came here to “teach” us.

Teach us what?

How to be more like them?

How to survive?

No! How to serve and obey.

We already know how to survive.

Even if we have forgotten,

We know.

Is what they teach wrong?

No. It isn’t.

At least not wrong for them.

It is just wrong for us.

We don’t need to be taught anything.

All we need is to remember.

Remember what we already know.

What we have always known,

But have long forgotten & refuse to remember.

They dazzle us with their ways and their life.

We hate them & yet we wish so badly to be them.

They came to take and we gave.

Yet today we pretend to reclaim.

Reclaim what if we do not even know what we lost?

They have taught us to hate ourselves

& each other.

They have taught our women how they should look,

& our men how our women should not look,

They have taught us to desire and take more than we need,

& give very little or nothing back.

They have taught us that even if we are “not as good” we are still “better” than.

They have taught us to destroy and justify.

& learn very well we have.

Soon we will forget what true beauty means to us,

& we will always see “ugliness” on every surface.

Mostly our own.

Soon we will have no neighbours or home

Once we have destroyed our Motherland & all that live in it.

We have rejected the Land & She rejects us in return.

We have beaten, raped & murdered our Mother,

& now She wont feed us or protect us.

We turned our backs on the Guardians

& now They cant defend us.

We have betrayed ourselves

& soon, we may never be able to save ourselves.


2 responses to “Death of the Afrikan

  1. tambu

    February 20, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Reading Feminist Eurocentrics ideologies enrages me and think may Fanon had a point black skin white Masks. Enjoyed this and it is what I am learning to unlearn when leave Unie. Prescribed to the bone and questioning makes you the one that does not want to serve but inform-who do you think you are is the gaze you get! So I feel free and not bring my spear to despair the moment! I walk on smile and say , I am sure you will not fuck me over- I know you well! Not this time.

    • colouredraysofgrey

      February 20, 2012 at 10:01 am

      We all have a lot of unlearning to do but sadly most of us don’t realise this. I strongly believe that it will be difficult to do away with the problems on the continent unless we go back to basics.


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