Would your ancestors be shocked by “traditional” marriage?

10 Jun

the adventures of cosmic yoruba and her flying machines

I saw this post on Cracked; 5 reasons ‘traditional marriage’ would shock your ancestors, and I knew I had to something similar. Nigerians today have ideas on marriage in the past, especially about how women behaved as wives, that may not be the reality. I’ll be focusing on Yoruba people here because that is what I am more familiar with but please note that different cultural practices exist among Yoruba people. So what was commonplace among say the Egba may not have been common among those from Ilorin. Nonetheless, the more I learn from this history hobby of mine the more I am surprised at the how different things apparently were, not only according to historians, scholars etc but also according to my mother and friends with similar interests.

Without further ado here are my reasons as to why your ancestors would be shocked by “traditional” marriage with a…

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