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Don’t get it twisted, (white) privilege is totally a thing

Don’t get it twisted, (white) privilege is totally a thing

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*Generalisations abound*

“We need to be clear that there is no such thing as giving up one’s privilege to be‘outside’ the system. One is always in the system. The only question is whether one ispart of the system in a way that challenges or strengthens the status quo. Privilege isnot something I take and which therefore have the option of not taking. It is somethingthat society gives me, and unless I change the institutions which give it to me, they willcontinue to give it, and I will continue to have it, however noble and equalitarian myintentions.”Harry Brod, “Work Clothes and Leisure Suits: The Class Basis and Bias of the Men’s Movement” in Men’s Lives (ed.) Michael S. Kimmel & Michael Messner

In her thought-provoking article, “Musings from the Groin of a Self Absorbed Zimbabwean (Part 1),” Felicity Sibindi briefly discusses the…

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