We’ve Got Company

17 Sep

Ok! So I haven’t been great with posting on my blog as regularly as I should. If it’s not writer’s block going to town with me, it’s Life herself and boy does she go to town with you *sigh*. Anyway, I am pleased to say that I have been writing a lot more in the last few months even if it hasn’t been for this community and I must say that it has been really fulfilling and I am sure it will be rewarding in the long term.

In the next few months I will be going walk about and visiting with other, much bigger and/or more experienced villages (blogs) namely Africa on the Blog and IamTehn and as a result I won’t be able to give as much attention to this village as I should unfortunately *sigh*. But! Yes, there’s a but – a good one at that – I have found a way to keep things moving so fret not chile. You see, I realised that since others have been so gracious as to let me visit with them in their spaces for a while, why not pay that gift forward by inviting other people to visit with us here? Opportunities to learn and to grow are always multifaceted after all and because I strongly believe in sharing and that story telling; be it through written or spoken word, drama, visual art or music; makes up part of the foundation and backbone of humanity I have been taught by my new hosts to share my space with other writers so that even if I might not be posting my own stuff I will still post stuff written by others and let them tell their stories and share information with you in this our little village. Some of the contributors who will do me the honour of gracing this little space of ours have their own villages aka blogs and I will include a link to their blogs at the bottom of their posts in their bios and for those that do not yet have a blog of their own, I am hoping that this experience will be just as fulfilling for them as it has been for me that they will be inspired to join the bloggersphere community and create one. Knowledge is power and the revolution will be blogged! Viva!

Now as you may have already deduced, I am not the draw-up-a-schedule type of person so these posts will come a sporadically as mine have done in the past. I call it being spontaneous, experts in the medical field call it ADHD (whatever, it’s all the same thing really). Anyhoo, one can’t plan inspiration after all, not their own and certainly not other people’s so the posts will go up as and when the contributions come in. At this point, I welcome people to email me at if they are interested in telling their stories in this here village. Ideally they will stick to the general themes/categories of this blog but other than that, your opinions are entirely your own and you’re welcome to go wherever your will desires as long as your opinions, be they divergent from my own or not, remain respectful, positive (no harshing the juju of this sacred space with negative and destructive energy please) and constructive to the greater debate/discussion on forging an empowered and egalitarian future for humanity as a whole and more specifically the Afrikan and other persons of colour.

Right, formalities out of the away let’s get right to it. The first guest contributor is a tremendously vivacious Zimbabwean Swazi woman called Philisile Mudekunye. She is a gifted poet who also happens to be a brilliant medical doctor in Richard’s Bay, South Africa and I have the pleasure of sharing with you one of her beautiful poems titled Afrika’s Lament. Enjoy!

Peace, love and light

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