The God Within Gerald “Synik” Mugwenhi

25 Jul
Gerald Synik Mugwenhi

Gerald Synik Mugwenhi

Hailing from my Motherland, Zimbabwe, Gerald Synik Mugwenhi is a truly gifted MC, poet and (consciousness) teacher. An introverted soul, totally down to earth, friendly and very deep, Synik is a Pan Afrikanist artist and ambassador in the making. His album Syn City, is both a social commentary of the life of the average Hararean as well as a sort of journal where each song is an entry of various aspects and experiences in his life (or that of those around him) as well as his journey into the world of hip hop. You especially see this in the first five songs of his album. The songs paint a very vivid and honest picture of real people’s lives in metropolitan Zimbabwe and not what one would mistakenly assume to be L.A. or New York as can be the trend with some of the impressions given in some hip hop songs on the continent. Syn City is not necessarily bleak and dire as that would be too easy and overly simple but neither is it superficial and glamourous as that would be false. It’s unassuming and it’s just honest, raw and real in an almost romantic way as it paints a picture of a painful but beautiful love. Love for his city, love for Afrika, love for the people, love for hip hop. Synik is about reflection, introspection, Afrocentricism and community, the Afrikan community, ubuntu. This comes out in his songs Africa and Marching as One. One can see he is in touch with the soil in which his roots are embedded and the sun beneath which he grows strong and magnificent in his song Hamurarwe where he personifies the “Sunshine City” aka Harare into a restless, seductive and ruthless but also somewhat, in a weird sort of way, caring and loving woman, a little reminiscent of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone archetype found in Neopaganism. He is a soul that has traveled through many lifetimes, has seen many things, done a lot more and is now ready to share all the knowledge it has accumulated over the millennia with the other more restless and impatient new born souls around it. He is definitely the kind of young talent that we need in Afrika. He is deeply and importantly talented and not merely entertainingly and superficially so. God truly resides within him.

Check out his latest video to his song God Within

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