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Perhaps what we need is a rebirth of Africa

Perhaps what we need is a rebirth of Africa

I am disgusted when an African man tells me that women are weak and are subservient to men.

Disgusted because, in spite of his education, it displays his ignorance of the history of his people.

He does not know that African Queens lead warriors to fight the Europeans and the Arabs at their onset.

When men did not know how.

I am disgusted by an African woman who foolishly believes Eurocentric patriarchal cultures & beliefs to be our own & vehemently champions them.

Beliefs that demand of her subservience,

When it is we who are the gate keepers of humanity & creators of life.

I am disgusted by the African who when they see me pray, ask me to whom I pray if I am not a Christian.

Who did we pray to before the boats & horses arrived with their…

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