Urban Grooving it to Stunner

28 Feb

I am a very proud Zimbabwean and I believe that my country and its people have so much to offer but sometimes I find it difficult to locate that pride when it comes to our young musicians or as we call them in Zimbabwe Urban Groovers. Sometimes I feel that they waste their talents and skills on not only cutting and pasting from American musicians and genres of music but doing such a shoddy job of it it’s hard to take them seriously or to support them. But then, sometimes, sometimes, you get a real gem like this song here by Stunner featuring Roby Gee and Jusa Dementor and that pride just comes bubbling over.

Bearing in mind that music is very fluid and malleable, one cannot completely escape an external influence or inspiration, as it were, on your production but the one thing that determines whether you should be considered an artist or an aspiring entertainer, the one thing that some Urban Groovers seem to miss but Stunner over here has seemed to grasp is to include something that makes it yours (Zimbabwean). This song, outside of it’s catchiness and dance (sele mama)-in-your-chair-in-the-office-inspiring beat and the talents of all three musicians is that, to me, it represents contemporary urban Zimbabwean culture (although it was recorded in the UK) from Stunners’ colloquial rhymes in vernacular to the subject of the song being specifically Zimbabwean -“Zimbabwean girl” with the girls in the video being fashionable, “glamorous” and well, beweaved and of course let’s not forget the ragga/dancehall influence that is (and has been for as long as I can remember) the centre of a night out dancing in most places in Zimbabwe (we do love our reggae and dancehall). Enjoy the video!

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