What Love Is

20 Feb

Love is not a building you call a house

Love isn’t a band you call a ring

It isn’t the album with pictures and smiling faces

It isn’t the chapel and the white dress

It isn’t the lobola

It isn’t sex at least once a week

Nor is it the new name preceded by the word Mrs

It isn’t expectations



Or any kind of dependence

It is not a formula or a science

It isn’t a contract that binds

And it is not an institution

Or a culture

Or a tradition

Or an act

It is a natural force

Love is a force

It is energy

The energy that drives us

The infinite power present throughout eternity

From the beginning to the end

It is fluid and flows without barriers or limitations

It is intangible and omnipotent

It is steadfast in its quest to infect those it has selected

And it burns through your veins and once it has picked you

You become alight with its force

To try and capture it

Conceptualise it

Possess it

Control it

Tame it

Deny it

Restrict it

Mould it

Or redefine it gives birth to your anguish and possible destruction

It is the epicentre of all other emotions and feelings

It is the mother of all good and all evil

It is both a tool and a weapon

It is both a fortress and a prison

It is both an elixir and a poison

It is both peace and war

Creation and destruction

It is immortal but also fleeting

It is a lesson learnt

A path taken

A destiny fulfilled

It is a life lived

It is not felt by our hearts

Neither can it be rationalised by our minds

It is birthed and nurtured by our souls

Our souls that have loved throughout different life times

And will continue to love through many life times more

All connected by the infinite threads of the life source that is love

They recognise each other when they meet

If they are both ready and mature enough for that connection

They embrace and become one once again

And as they go on they meet more like-souls and the symbiosis continues

If they are not ready and have no real understanding they give way to the negative

We often try to be in control and make the pieces fit

We try to possess and to limit

We are constantly at war with a force much greater than ourselves

We seek to own it

And do not see what we need to see

Or realise that it is a complexity that can only be understood through simplicity

Your soulmates are not always in the form of lovers

Neither are they single individuals

Soulmates also come in the form of family

That of friends

And colleagues

Even pets

In Humanity

In Creation

If one can understand this then they’ll know true love

The love that is a truth spoken by their soul and all its parts

They will know what love really is.

by Doreen Gaura

© Doreen Victoria Gaura/ Colouredraysofgrey, 2012


Posted by on February 20, 2012 in Esoteria, Poetry, Reflections


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2 responses to “What Love Is

  1. tambu

    February 20, 2012 at 8:48 am

    What a read for Monday morning-strong and powerful. Yeah, here I go with love on mind and loving my day as I flow through the jungle of reads to do and more-loving it.

    • colouredraysofgrey

      February 20, 2012 at 9:52 am

      Thank you Tambu, glad to be of of some inspiration on a Monday morning. Love you muchly xx


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