If It Aint Broke’, Why Fix It?

08 Feb

I am a strong African woman,

I am not black but a delicious shade of brown

The colour of my Mother

Mother Earth

I represent the strength of her qualities through the strength of my own

I am the embodiment of her soul

I am sensuous and curvy

Maybe not as curvy as you would like me to be

But I am curvy

My breasts,

Large and round like the mountains

Will one day give sustenance to my offspring

My womanhood is the doorway to my soul

Like the core is the doorway to my Mother’s

My stretch marks,

My beautiful stretch marks

Represent my growth into a woman

My nappy hair,

In all its splendour

Symbolises the plants that grow on the body of my Mother

My narrow but curvy hips

Are big enough to carry the children I will one day bear

And are visible enough  for me to sway to the song of the wind

My portly belly, round and big

Shows my fertility and my ability to one day carry comfortably the young women and men who will lead our nations tomorrow

My loud voice,

Sings sweetly as I speak of the strength of the women who came before and the women who shall come after

My eyes are as clear and glorious as the stars

They speak the truth of my soul

My smile lights up my face just like the sun lights up that of my Mother

My tears cleanse my soul and clean the wounds of those I love,

And so do my Mother’s tears as they rain down to cleanse the earth

My brilliant mind always seeks to learn so that it can one day teach

And my heart beats strongly and purposefully

Gives life to the lives I touch just like the moon that is my Mother’s heart

All these things,

Even those that are imperfect in your eyes

Make up the master piece that is me

And I aint broke,

So don’t try to fix me.

by Doreen Gaura

© Doreen Victoria Gaura/ Colouredraysofgrey, 2012


Posted by on February 8, 2012 in Afritude, Poetry


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2 responses to “If It Aint Broke’, Why Fix It?

  1. brenda

    February 17, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    The best I ever read this year. In fact I got inspired thank you. BZ

    • colouredraysofgrey

      February 20, 2012 at 9:54 am

      My pleasure and thank you 🙂 x


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