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06 Feb

After a few days of what I consider an emotionally scaring (it’s really just a bruised ego & pride as I may have actually cried once, or maybe twice, in front of a colleague) struggle with the otherwise technophobe unfriendly invention that is blogging, seasoned of course, with a dash of physical and rather “colourful” verbal abuse against my poor netbook and the faceless, and I am sure, lovely people at WordPress, I am finally getting the hang of it and figuring my way around my little piece of Narnia that is my blog. So welcome all to the zanny and hopefully insightful world of Doreen Ray!

Those of you who are my friends, by definition of the modern day social networking world and those by actual definition, on facebook may be familiar with the next few posts I am about to put up so naturally you wont see the need to read them again. I must however suggest you not be too quick to ignore them as I will be editing and tweeking most if not all of them so it might be worth your while to give them a quick scan before moving on. Just a suggestion. And to those of you who read the news on occasion or follow certain human rights issues, you may have, while trolling the world wide web or for those of you who are in Southern African – while you were reading one of your dailys in your respective countries over a cup of coffee at your desk or in your living room come across one or two articles that will be featured in this blog. To the rest, I hope you take the time out to read them and not only that, but that you enjoy them and further still you comment. Even if you don’t like them you are most welcome to comment to that effect. I will simply make sure I always have my big girl panties on everyday. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issues being discussed in these posts.

Time Time! (Zimbabwean slang for “catch you later”)

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